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Bathrooms are often the most cluttered room in the house, it is easy to see why. They are generally the smallest rooms in the house and are expected to hold a lot. The master bathroom has to hold both his and hers, the kids bathrooms have to withstand the messes they can make and the guests bathrooms are usually incredibly small. Many believe that guests will not see the bathrooms, but they do and it is a reflection of your home.

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“Rob Mizrahi of Chaos Commandos is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. He turned a disaster zone in my home into space that has remained user-friendly and neat to this day.

In addition to being a creative thinker with excellent problem-solving skills, Rob is intuitive and sensitive to the personalities of his clients.”

S. Sulich
Writer/Editor, Woman's Day Magazine
New Fairfield, CT

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A New Bathroom Redesigned by a Bathroom Organizer
Our professional bathroom organizers can help you unclutter your bathrooms, while keeping everything you need easily accessible. We can create a relaxing oasis to soak in the tub or keep your kids’ bathroom creative and playful.

With an organized bathroom, you will find that your mornings become stress free when trying to rush out the door. You can find anything you need in seconds in an organized bathroom. You also won’t feel embarrassed when guests drop by.

The Master Bedroom Bathroom

The master bathroom is a place where things will often mingle. She needs her space and he needs his space, they both need to work together. They both need quick and easy access to their personal things, while respecting each other's spaces. Our bathroom organizing service can help you create harmony in the master bathroom.
For her, she needs space for makeup, brushes, hair products, hair stylers, lotions and perfumes. That’s a lot for a bathroom to take on. We can sit down with you and go through your inventory.

Quite often, makeup and products can expire. Not that you mean for them to, but quite often it is easy to lose track of things if they are jumbled together. We can create a sticker system for example, so you can rotate your products, making sure they never go past their due date.

Drawers can be retrofitted to specifically fit your hair products and stylers. This will free up cabinet and counter space. We can also design roll out drawers to fit lotions and perfumes. Everything is organized and easy to access.

For him, he wants a simple routine where he can get in and out. He needs his razor, shaving cream, aftershave and cologne in one spot. We can design roll out drawers made for his toiletries. Razors and refills all in one place, no wasted time hunting down a fresh blade. Cologne stored in specially designed racks allow him to make a choice with one quick glance.

Organizing the Bathtub and Shower

Don’t forget the bathtub and shower. Do you find yourself fumbling or kicking over bottles of shampoo? It might be time to renovate your bathtub or shower. We can help you choose one that fits not only your lifestyle but the aesthetics of your home. Most bathtubs are not made for an adult to fully relax in, we can help you choose a bathtub that allows you to room to soak and unwind after a long day.
Plenty of Cabinets and Shelf Space, Help Make a Bathroom More Organized
We can also help with shelving in showers, we can also install containers that pump shampoo or conditioner. No need to have bottles cluttering up shower space. Without clutter, you can relax in soothing, warm waters.

Kids Bathroom Organized

Kids’ bathrooms quickly become messy and cluttered. Quite often, they are busy people and will place their items wherever it is convenient. Organizing their bathroom will not only keep it clean, it will teach them to clean up after themselves and become respectful of others’ items.
Our Bathroom Organizing Service Added Shelving to Make this Room More Efficient
A Shower Organzed with Shelving that matched the Decor and Made the Room More Efficient
Professional Bathroom Organziers redesigned this Kids Bathroom
We can create pull out drawers to specifically have spaces for their toothbrushes, hair brushes and other items. We can designate a drawer for each child. This will allow the child to become more responsible for his or her area.

Our bathroom organizing service can create a shelving or storage system, to keep shampoo and soaps out of reach from little hands.

Our professional bathroom organizers have experience working with children, we will listen to what they want and create a room that makes everyone happy.

A room that is not only playful and creative, but functional for children.
A Guest Bathroom Organized

A bathroom organizer can also help transform those small guest bathrooms into a clean, refreshing room. While these rooms are quite small, you still need to include thoughtful items for your guests.
A Gues Bathroom by a NYC Bathroom G+Organizing Service
Do you guests often stay overnight? We can create drawers to hold extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, something guests sometimes forget to pack.

We can create a streamlined storage system to store towels, washcloths, toilet paper, soaps and travel sized shampoo bottles.

Everything a guest would need in one spot. They will certainly appreciate the thoughtful touches and feel right at home.

All this will free up counterspace, allowing you to add decorative touches for your guests.
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Our bathroom organizing service has over 12 years of experience in NYC, and Westchester and Fairfield counties. As always, consultations are free.

A bathroom organizer will sit down with you to listen to your concerns and what you want out of your home. We will walk you through our process and we will not leave until you feel decluttered and stress free. We firmly believe that a home that is organized is a home that not only runs efficiently but is peaceful.

Contact us today, and let us help you get organized and get on with your life.
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