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When you open the door to any of your closets, what happens? If things are falling out and nothing seems to have a home, you can benefit from professional closet organizers. It is possible to get organized, but you may need a little help to show you how to make the most of your space.

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“Rob Mizrahi of Chaos Commandos is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. He turned a disaster zone in my home into space that has remained user-friendly and neat to this day.

In addition to being a creative thinker with excellent problem-solving skills, Rob is intuitive and sensitive to the personalities of his clients.”

S. Sulich
Woman's Day magazine, New Fairfield, CT
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Closets are naturally designed for storage. Depending upon what sort of system is in place, we can use what's already there, or start with a clean slate and create a system that makes sense for you and your family, providing you with the organization that you need.

What a Closet Organizer Does

If you have tried to get organized in the past and have failed, we're here to help. An organizational system has to fit your personality.

We can finally provide the difference you've been looking for because we take the time to get to know you and how you interact with your things.

Taking this necessary step allows us to create a solution that is customized specifically for you.
We will start by asking you two very important questions about the contents of your closet:

  • Do you still use what is in there?

  • Does it belong in this closet?

It’s important to answer these questions honestly about every item that’s in there. Once we can begin weeding out what you don’t use and what doesn’t belong there, you may be surprised by what’s left.

There’s no closet too small or too large for us. You may have closets all over the house that are in need of a closet organizing service. No problem! We will work with each closet in your home to determine what works best for it based upon who it’s for, what it’s holding and how much it is being accessed.

Our Closet Organizing Service

Chaos Commandos have been in business in metropolitan NYC for a considerable number of years. In that time, we have seen it all and worked with it all. Whether you’re in a small brownstone or an expansive flat, we'll be able to provide you with solutions for all of your closets. Our closet organizing service is also available in Westchester and Fairfield counties.

When you open a closet, things aren’t supposed to fall out. Everything should have a home and you should be able to locate what you need in a matter of seconds.

What kids of closets do we organize?

  • Children’s closets

  • Master closets

  • Hall closets

  • Kitchen closets

  • Bathroom closets

If you’ve got a closet in your home, it should be organized. You may have tried and failed in the past, which is why we offer a closet organizing service that is customized to your home and your needs.

Kid-Friendly Closet Organizing

We understand that you may have children in your home, which likely means that there is a perpetual mess. Organization is possible in a child’s room, but you have to give them something that they can work with. If you try to use the same organization that you have in your pantry or hall closet in your kid’s room, it’s not going to work out that well.
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A Woman’s Day writer experiences organization firsthand.

A family of four who are very busy and very creative had a small storage closet in their basement. There were art and office supplies, dress-up clothes and miscellaneous items overflowing from the shelves and the closet itself. It was a challenge.

We were able to set up a color-coded system that placed all the different items into categories. The art supplies were all loaded into fun and colorful pins.

We also used postal-style mail slots and drawers to keep school and office supplies neat and organized. Shelf baskets were also added to make the miscellaneous pantry items visible and more accessible.

Finally, we added a roll-out cart that tucked beneath all the shelves, that could be rolled-out for dress-up days.
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Are you ready to see what Chaos Commandos can do for you? Our Professional closet organizers will use years of experience to figure out what will work best for your space. Regardless of how little space you may have, there is a solution that will not only make it easier to find things but also make it easier to keep your home as clean as possible.

Your closets have gone on in a chaotic fashion for too long. You owe it to yourself to find out what your closets can look like in an organized state so you can find things instantly.

We have worked with all sorts of closets in all levels of disarray. If your closet is a problem, our closet organizer will get to the bottom of what you need. We have creative and unorthodox methods that have worked for families all over New York City.

Contact us at Chaos Commandos today in order to get a free consultation. The call you make may be the best call you’ve ever made for your home.
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Kids room art closet designed by a Closet Organizing Service
We will ask you to get your kids involved in the organization process. We want to hear their ideas just as much as yours. Since they are the ones using the system, we want to give them a system that they can work with.

This may include hanging pouches in the closet, using color-coded bins in a shelving unit and much more.

A closet organizer isn’t confined to just the closet. In order to make the most use of the closet, everything in the room has to have a home.

In kid’s rooms, we are able to work with their desk space, under their bed and various other storage zones to ensure kids have a work/play area as well as plenty of room for their clothes, toys and activities.
A Case Study in Closet Organization
Kids Room Art Closet Designed and Installed by Chaos Commandos
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