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Chaos Commandos is your go-to resource for liquidating a family member's estate, preparing and organizing a home for sale or even taking inventory of your property to prepare for a divorce. Our team of Professional Organizers for Estate Liquidations has years of experience in these areas, and we can help you navigate these transitions with ease. Whatever your needs are, we offer the services and support to get the job done.

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“Rob Mizrahi and Chaos Commandos are professionals at de-cluttering, re-organizing and setting up new systems to keep your home or workspace organized.

Rob helped me organize my home office after years of accumulated stuff, especially paper.

The result was smart solutions that led to more space than I ever imagined. Rob works with people who are moving, starting businesses, selling properties or digging out of their homes or offices.

I am a satisfied customer.”

N. Nielsen
Pfizer Corporation
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How Chaos Commandos Can Help You Organize Your Estate

We can organize a whole house from attic to basement, or any part of a home, including storage areas, living areas, guest quarters and garages. Our clients rely on our diverse services for:

  • Organization, inventory and cleanup after the passing of a loved one
  • Estate liquidation
  • Preparing a residence for sale
  • Cataloging of household inventory for insurance purposes
  • Relocation preparation
  • Planning of new living and storage spaces before or after a move

We often begin by taking a complete written inventory as a starting reference. Then the inventory items themselves are organized, labeled and handled according to your requirements, which may include:

  • Auction
  • Online auction, such as eBay
  • Online sale, such as Craig's List
  • Estate sale, contents of home sale
  • Long-term storage
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Proper waste management for disposal of household chemicals and more
  • Dumpster management for discarded items

We also document and safeguard your inventory in a variety of ways, including:

  • Digital scanning to preserve vital documents
  • Taking photographic inventories of valuables and collectables
  • Creating a custom, secure website that provides an organized catalog of your property

We're mindful that our services are often needed during times that may be logistically and emotionally challenging for our clients. We're organizing experts, which means we're experienced at turning chaos into order, and we handle your property with the care and respect you and your family deserve.

There is no job too big or too small for Chaos Commandos. We are conscientious and detail-oriented in our work, whether a project spans just a few days or lasts for several months. And we approach every phase of our work with diligence, whether we're cataloging vintage silver or cleaning up a long-neglected storage space.

An Estate Organization Case Study in Westchester County

Every client has a unique set of needs, which is why our professional estate organizers are skilled in a variety of areas. We recently completed the estate liquidation organization of a waterfront property in Westchester County, New York, in which we put our diverse training to use.
Family Furnishings Inventoried and Organized by Chaos Commandos for an Estate Liquidation Sale
Earmarking Items for Auction and Sale

Our knowledge and experience helped our client realize the greatest value from the assets of the estate by putting certain items up for auction. While traditionally we've used eBay and local auction houses, we can work with any auction service our clients choose.

When it comes to certain furnishings and collectables, it's wise to seek an appraisal before selling. We assisted our client in identifying items of potential value and arranging for expert evaluations, so that she was assured of getting the maximum return on the items her family chose to sell.

Placing the Inventory on a Private Website                                                 
Our client was planning to preserve some of the estate's vast silver and crystal collections to pass down to future generations. She also wanted to send       certain valuable pieces to auction, and to sell part of the collection to an antiques dealer.

We documented the inventory in two ways: First we compiled a written list containing a detailed description of each item. Then we created a customized, private website, featuring clear images of the items in each category, making it easy for family members, antiques dealers, appraisers and others to review the inventory items relevant to them.
Documenting Art and Collectables

Every estate contains at least a few items of value. This particular client had an extensive collection of African art that filled several rooms, so after we gathered and organized these objects, it was important that we catalog them in a digital inventory. Our custom website showcased every mask, statue and tribal drum for the family's reference.

The creation of a visual inventory isn't just for estates; it's a must-have tool for establishing a record of valuables covered by your insurance policy, documenting your assets in a divorce proceeding, and much more.

Identifying Items for Donation

When we work on an estate organization for a family member, we do our best to identify charitable organizations that accept the wide-ranging variety of items we inevitably find in these situations. In this case, we collected boxes of books, children's toys, computer and stereo components, housewares, decorative objects, kitchen gadgets and vintage clothing, as well as a roomful of gently used furniture for donation.

To ensure that the estate benefitted from the donations as taxable deductions, we sorted, organized, cleaned, prepared, inventoried and, in some cases, even delivered these items to the appropriate charities, and collected the donation receipts for our client.

Cleaning Up Cluttered Storage Areas

Storage areas and living spaces in the home had become cluttered with an accumulation of household items over the years, including outdated computer components, decorative items no longer in use, and discarded furnishings such as chairs and lampshades. As we cleaned out each room, we sorted the trash from the treasures, and we arranged for dumpsters to dispose of the cast-offs, while preserving items of sentimental value for our client's review.

In the course of our clean-up of these spaces, we came across household chemicals and other items which could not be discarded with the trash, so we worked with local municipal waste management services to properly dispose of these items within state and county regulations.
Items Organized for Sale and Auction
Estate Items for Auction and Sale
Private Website with Items in Inventory
Organized Art and Collectables
Items Organized for Donation
Estate Storage Room - Before and After
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How can we help you? We would love to discuss your individual needs, show you some additional examples of our work, and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you. Please contact us today!
Estate storage room organized before and after
Placing the Inventory on a Private Website
Documenting Estate Art and Collectables
Identifying Items for Donation
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