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Organizing your garage seasonally, annually or even as a one-time project can be overwhelming, especially if you have children or a variety of belongings filling up the space. When you are living in Westchester and you are seeking professional assistance with the organization of your space, finding a Westchester Garage Organizer is highly recommended.

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We Develop a Plan

Before you begin searching for assistance with garage organization in Westchester, it is important to know exactly what you will want done with your garage when you are working with a professional.

  • We help you assess your garage and its clutter with organization techniques and tools while taking note of the overall space you have available to utilize.

  • We help determine if you want to implement designated areas throughout your garage for winter gear, summer pool toys and even additional outdoor furniture including chairs, benches and tables you are planning to store.

  • We can also help to give advice on the various zones and sections you should create based upon the inventory you currently have stored in the garage.

Whether you are planning to use your garage as a home gym, your workstation or simply a place to store your seasonal items, having an idea of how you want the space to look once it has been organized will ensure you are on the right track when you begin working with a garage organizer.

Rid Unnecessary Items

It is important to rid the space of unnecessary items that you no longer need or use in your garage, even if you are working together with a professional during the process. Our garage organization in Westchester will help you to review any junk you may have while properly disposing of chemicals, furniture and even old clothing or cleaning supplies you no longer need.

We can throw away expired chemicals as well as items that will no longer work properly even if you did have a use for them. This is especially crucial if you have children. It is important to dispose of any old paint cans that may contain chemicals or lead from your garage while cleaning up any mess that may be left behind. Paint changes chemically throughout the year, so storing it improperly in the garage may release chemicals and fumes that may be potentially dangerous to breathe if you spend too much time around them.


When you have old and outdated clothing that you or your family no longer wear, consider donating the items to a local charity or resale shop near you. Donating toys your children no longer play with and furniture that serves no purpose to you indoors or out is highly recommended to free up space while helping others who may be in need. Our Westchester County garage organizers will help you consider the last time you used the furniture, gear, toys or household belongings you have throughout your garage. If it is just collecting dust in your garage, give it to someone who can really use it, thereby minimizing your clutter and easily cleaning up the space.

Group Items

Working with a professional to group your garage items and household belongings will help you to get organized without a hassle. A professional knows best how to maximize your space for whatever materials that you may want to keep and group items together for efficiency while also eliminating the clutter you have in the garage currently.

Chaos Commandos' garage organization in Westchester County NY can create labels and move your garage items into designated spots to make the organization process as painless and seamless as possible. When you work with a professional who has experience with garage organization, you are able to gain tips and tricks on how to speed the process of organizing your cleaning supplies, toys, vehicles, bikes and other essentials that you need for your household.

Garage Shelving

It is important to consider installing various shelving units and organizers in your garage in order to eliminate clutter, free up space and have quick access to all of your supplies and outdoor gear at all times. Installing shelving units that attach inside of your garage is ideal for tools, cleaning supplies and additional household items such as toilet paper, paper towels and even laundry detergent. We make sure shelving is properly installed for safety as well as function.

Our Westchester County garage organizers can help you utilize garage shelves to hang lawn chairs, bikes and even wet towels or bathing suits during the summer to free up space by placing your belongings against the walls themselves. You can also use garage shelves and hooks to hang outdoor toys, keeping them from getting dirty or taking up too much space within your garage.

Storage Boxes

Using storage boxes and outdoor totes is another way to rid clutter from your garage, especially if you are using storage boxes which can be stacked and used all-year round for all seasons. Once you have your storage boxes in place, consider using waterproof or laminated labels to help with creating a list of contents to track your inventory and to have the ability to locate any of your belongings within a few moments of searching in the garage.

Working together with a Westchester Garage Organizer is ideal if you are unsure of how to best organize all of the cleaning supplies, toys, bikes, tools and other gear you have currently stored in your garage or if you are seeking a way to truly minimize the amount of space you are using up. Professional Westchester County garage organizers know many different products and methods of organization that can help you, whether you need to get your garage in shape, maximize your space for efficiency, or if you are simply seeking an entire makeover of the space.

Please contact us to have the experts at Chaos Commandos help you with your professional organizing needs.

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