When you hire a professional organizer, we will know what materials to purchase that can create the proper organization for all of your different tools and supplies. Many of our clients use garage storage materials such as a slotted system that's hung on the wall. It is a great way to organize different tools, and this wall system allows the client to hang tools wherever they like.

Recycling Center

Many people store their trash and recycling in the garage to prevent any odors from filling the home. It is simple to create a recycling center with the use of labeled bins. Our organizers can locate this area near the kitchen entrance so that as soon as you have finished cooking, you can clean up properly. If it has to be in the garage, we can arrange that for your convenience, too.


Another storage solution homeowners like in their garage is a food pantry. This pantry needs to be durable enough to store a lot of food. It is also vital that air be able to circulate so the food will not be destroyed by any mold or mildew. Finally, a shelving system could be used to hold large containers of water, household items, and bulk store purchases.

Sporting Equipment
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The garage is often a place that people dump things and stash items for later use. But very often "later" never comes, and your garage becomes a storage unit that is so cluttered that a vehicle won't even fit in there. In turn, it can become so cluttered that a vehicle will not fit in there. If this sounds like your garage, then you will want to talk to a Fairfield Garage Organizer at Chaos Commandos. They will know the best place to start, and how to make use of your space efficiently.

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Garage Organized by Fairfield Garage Organizer
When looking at garage organization in Fairfield County CT, you want to keep in mind that your garage should be able to handle a variety of uses, and still have room for your vehicle. If you know how to use your space efficiently, you can have a fitness area, workshop, and even a craft area. The first step in organizing is to de-clutter the space.

This part may sound very simple, but once you begin it can seem daunting. The best method is to do the entire de-cluttering process at once. Our organizers work with you and take the time to go through all of your items to determine what you no longer use or want. Before you just toss items into the dumpster, see what could be donated for others to use.

Our Garage Organizers will make your space more efficient and use every area to its maximum capability. We have the ability to create designs that put what you need daily within easy grasp, and create storage solutions for everything else. Your design will be customized and tailored to your specific needs.

A Recent Garage Organized by Fairfield Garage Organizer, Chaos Commandos.
If your garage looks something like this, we can transform it into something beauiful and functional. Click next to see what we did here.

Chaos Commandos eliminated the clutter and organized this garage in Greenwich CT featuring new shelving, a new workstation,  and new flooring. It was a complete overhaul, and the client is extremely satisfied. Contact us today for a free consultation!
Cluttered Garage Before and After. Click to enlarge.
Our clients wanted a multi-functional gym that inspired them to increase their fitness level. They wanted it to not only be convenient but comfortable, helping them to keep up their fitness routines. Click next and see what we did for them.

We set up an elliptical trainer and a full set of free weights with plenty of space to move. Steel cabinetry was installed for storage. We painted all cabinets blue and installed mirrors on the walls to check form.  Then we put in a TV to enjoy while working out. Contact Chaos Commandos today!
Garage Home Gym Before and After. Click to enlarge.
Workshops are a common use for a garage. People like to craft, build furniture, work on their car, and even wrap gifts in the garage. The debris created from the various types of projects make the garage an ideal spot to do it in.

This means there needs to be a work surface, an area for tools and utensils, and a designated space for storage.
A fitness area is a zone that many clients prefer to have in their garage or basement. And since all of your sporting equipment needs a home, as well, we can make your garage function as a lot more than just a workout area. 

Professional organizers can designate homes for each piece of sporting goods, from fishing rods to baseball gloves.
However, if all you want to do is get a great workout in your garage, we have extensive experience setting up a home gym in the space as well.


Another popular area that is utilized in the garage is a laundry room. Professional organizers know that laundry areas become cluttered quickly. With a shelf above the washer, the soap and dryer sheets can be off the ground and within easy grasp. Laundry sorting bins can be placed next to the washer to separate the clothing. More advanced areas will even have a line to hang delicate items up.

Long Storage

At Chaos Commandos, we know that storage items often get placed in the garage for seasonal use. We can make sure they are in large plastic bins that are labeled for easy locating. It is best if the bins are not clear so the sun will not damage the contents. It is also best if they are sealed on the bottom so no water can get through.

Having an organized garage means you have a place for everything, and everything in its place. If you have multiple uses planned for the garage, it is vital to hire a professional to at least plan and design how the garage should be properly laid out. We will make sure that every area is completely functional.

We can also incorporate interlocking floor tiles, industrial floor mats, or epoxy flooring for your garage. Many clients want to protect their garage floors when parking their vehicle in the garage.

Whatever your need is, calling a Fairfield Garage Organizer to take care of your garage organization in Fairfield County, CT will leave you with a space that can be utilized in many ways. From laundry to recycling, or working out to crafting, organization is the key to a useful space.

Our professional organizers are available to schedule an appointment with you at a convenient time. Please contact us for more information.

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