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Are you fed up with the mess and disorganization that surrounds you in the form of paper files? Are the important files in your life hiding amongst the chaos and clutter that inevitably fills the corners of your life? Do you wish there was a way that you and other staff members could access files, spreadsheets, or other documents from anywhere? Chaos Commandos can help!

Personalized Solutions

The team of professional organizers at Chaos Commandos offers a wide variety of services to meet your filing and digital document storage needs. Your free personal consultation and interview will provide us with an idea of the concerns or issues that you or other members of your staff may be dealing with so that we can offer you a more accurate quote. Your digital data storage will be customized specifically to meet your unique needs.

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Digital File and Document Storage Solutions

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“Chaos Commandos approached each project as a labor of love — you can tell that nothing gives them greater satisfaction than helping a family or business bring order out of chaos, or with improving systems of organizing business files to children's toys.

They helped me with a number of large-scale projects, and I could not recommend them more highly.”

C. Windels
President, The Policy Workshop at CapitalHQ
Elizabeth, NJ
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Remote Access

Our innovative digital filing and digital document storage system will provide you with the solutions that you need, granting you and your employees instant access to your information no matter whether you are physically in the office or thousands of miles away. Your critical data is always located right at your fingertips. In addition, since your files are constantly being updated, you will never again have to worry about viewing out dated information.
Digital Data Storage is Safe and is an Efficient Means of Managing Data File
Digital Data Storage is Safe and is an Efficient Means of Managing Data Files.
Storage rack as part of our Digital Data Services
Whether you have employees who work from home and require access to your files, salespeople who work from the field and need to access presentations or other files from the road, or multiple office locations who need access to updated information, remote access will provide them with the ability to continue doing business no matter what their location.

Chaos Commandos' team of experienced digital organizers and data services can offer you solutions no matter what your industry might be, or how large (or small) your office is.

We will help you create digital data storage in the form of visual thumbnails or parts specs right on your very own website, digital data storage and spreadsheets that can be accessed from your mobile device, and even secure in-cloud digital file storage.
Peace of Mind Security

With the use of our digital filing and document storage solutions, you can rest assured that your confidential data will remain private and secure from possible hackers. You will be able to issue individual passwords that will grant selected employees their own individual access at the levels which are chosen by you. Additionally, with our digital data services, you will be able to view which employees have recently accessed specific files, when the files were last updated or accessed, and if files have been modified recently.

The digital filing system is much more secure than a typical paper system, since it can be locked away securely at the touch of a button. You won't need to worry about accidentally leaving a document in a restaurant or on the bus where anyone can view it.


We all know that time is money. With the use of our digital file storage system, you won't ever have to waste precious minutes (or hours) searching for that lost contract from years ago, that presentation file that was recently completed, or the receipts from your business expenses again. Additionally, you won't have to worry about spilling that cup of coffee or soda all over your paper documents, or leaving them someplace where they might be lost forever.

Our digital data services will show you how to scan your paper documents and create digital copies of all of your important documents so that you can remove most of the paper clutter from your life. Almost everything will be stored in a searchable digital database with a filing system that is user friendly and easy to understand.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of digital filing offers you the freedom of controlling expenses and helping to protect the environment as well. Since your files will be stored digitally, you will no longer spend massive amounts of money purchasing printer ink and printer paper. You will have the ability to print only the paper copies that you need. Additionally, you won't have to shred out of date papers every time something is updated or edited. Everything will update in your digital system.

The digital solution has been a well liked feature for those individuals and businesses who attend multiple meetings as well. Users are finding that they no longer have to print multiple copies for each member attending every meeting, since they can simply grant guest access to those who may need temporary access. Another benefit that is commonly used and appreciated is the ability to transfer digital documentation or presentations onto a large projector screen, monitor, or television screen so that groups can see the information at the same time.

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If the traditional paper filing and document storage system you are currently using is causing you nightmares, headaches, or additional stress, let Chaos Commandos help! Contact us today for your free personalized consultation and affordable quote today, and you could save an additional 10% off the total cost of our services.

If you would like to speak with one of our specialists by telephone, we may be reached at (914) 949-9742 during regular business hours. Otherwise please click on the link located on this page and fill out the short form with your contact information and a brief summary of the type of needs or concerns you might have.

One of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible to gather important information about your storage needs so that we can provide you with a variety of storage solutions and an accurate quote. The team at Chaos Commandos looks forward to serving you.

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