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Your company’s critical assets can be managed more effectively. It doesn’t matter where your inventory is housed. If you have a stockroom, a warehouse or even a supply closet, managing your inventory is always a challenge – especially if it is not properly organized. At Chaos Commandos, we provide you with the inventory organizing service you need that will evaluate all of your strengths and weaknesses to make better sense of your existing inventory.

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“Chaos Commandos helped organize our office, clearing space and finding a home for everything.

They made an onerous task seem almost fun, and the results were spectacular!”

J. O'Meara
Apple Learning Center
Westport, CT
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Inventory Organizer: A Real Estate Office Inventory Organized by Chaos Commandos, Before and After
Inventory Organizing Service Plan by Chaos Commandos
Inventory Organization Plan by Chaos Commandos. Click to Enlarge.
Think about what an organized area will mean. You can get through inventory quicker and ensure that you only order the parts and products that you actually need.

If things are everywhere and you struggle to find things, you may be wasting money buying parts and products that you already have – which has a negative effect on your bottom line.

An organizer for your inventory will make an array of recommendations for your business so you can begin to clean up your act, keep everything up to date and track everything coming and going accurately.

You will see an immediate improvement in your operations when you take the time to organize your inventory. It’s one of the smartest things you can do for your business.
Benefits of an Inventory Organizer

We are able to provide you with creative ways to control your inventory. We will not only introduce you to innovative storage solutions for your files but also share with you some intuitive labeling and numbering systems that can be used for your parts. The most important thing to remember is that your inventory organizer will create a customized solution that is specifically adapted to your business so that it maximizes your efforts.

We will also help you to implement digital solutions that provide you with immediate access to your inventory and your data – even if you are out in the field or halfway across the globe. When critical information is being updated on a regular basis, you can have access to it at all times. This even includes parts specs and thumbnail visuals so you can gain access to everything from your computer or your mobile device by having everything stored securely in a cloud.

Think about where you need the most inventory assistance:

  • Your office

  • Your computer system

  • Your supply closet

  • Your warehouse

  • All of the above

There’s nothing that Chaos Commandos can’t do. We are the complete inventory organizing service that you need. Whether you have big problems or little problems, we will solve them one by one so that you are able to finally have an inventory that is easy to manage.

Our Inventory Organization Service

Before we begin, we will take the time to get to know your business, the size of your business and even some of the unique intricacies of your inventory. Regardless of whether you are a locksmith, an engineer or a photographer, we have customized solutions that will simplify your inventory, which will in turn save you money as well as time. You will no longer have duplicate files, mountains of paperwork or a bunch of duplicate materials that will cost you money and hurt your bottom line.
Real Estate Office Inventory Organized by  Chaos Commandos, Before and After
As professional inventory organizers, we believe in the saying “a place for everything…” There is beauty in physical order and wish to bring it into your business.

There is also a lot of digital technology in the world today and we can employ it within your computer systems so you can have better access to your inventory and even conduct physical inventory in a fraction of the time it takes you now. Think about how gloriously simple your inventory could be. Consider a case study our professional inventory organizers conducted a while back.
Apple Computer Learning Center Reorganized

Our Challenge was this: An Apple retailer was selling and repairing Mac parts and taught computer skills to the local community. The office of the CEO became the place for parts, papers and materials associated with sales, repairs and classes to be dumped. There was everything from schedules to repair manuals scattered throughout the office.

Being the inventory organizing service that we are, we created a solution:

  • We separated and organized materials into sales, repairs, and class-related items

  • Inefficient bookcases were replaced with custom shelving units that were adjustable

  • Shelf baskets and Apple storage baskets were placed to ensure inventory was properly rotated
Inventory Organizers Office Inventory Reorganization
There’s no inventory that we are incapable of fixing. Throughout New York City, we have worked with some of the very small businesses all the way up to the Fortune 500 companies.

Our creativity knows no limits when it comes to creating viable solutions for your inventory. This means that you can actually begin to see improvements within minutes of us arriving at your office.

Don’t let inventory problems be the reason that your business is struggling. You may lose many clients by being disorganized. You need to ensure you have all of the right systems in place to accurately place orders, have the supplies you need and bill your clients as you need to.

If you aren’t organized, all of these tasks will be much more complicated. You may be spending considerably more time than you need to because you don’t have what you need at your fingertips.
Our inventory organizer will sort out all of your problems, big or small. We can help you with your inventory issues as well as many other organization problems that you may have in your office. Once you become organized, you will see how you can enhance your business and how you can begin to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Are you ready to see what professional inventory organizers can do for your business? Once the Chaos Commandos come in, you may not only become more organized but you may also save money by removing inventory redundancies that occur.

Contact us today for a free consultation so we can show you what an inventory organizer can do for you.
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