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To truly get the most out of your workspace, you need to maximize the space you have.

Many, when trying to create a workspace, often turn to design elements such as the color of the walls or fancy credenzas. What is often overlooked is the design element of organization and efficiency. Organization will create a smooth workflow for your office or studio.

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“Rob Mizrahi is an experienced and very talented organizer who creatively tackled what seemed like insurmountable problems in my work areas at home.

Rob patiently listened to my concerns and then quickly drew up plans for a workable solution. And he stayed on task until the job was completed.

I would recommend him for any kind of organizing job – be it for office or home. He tackles jobs with enthusiasm and a sharp insight to what’s really needed.”

J. Melillo
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An environment that allows you to work clutter-free and stress-free. By using technology that is time saving, you can eliminate wasted time in your workspace.

Our professional workspace designers can help you create a workspace where everyone can become efficient and productive, in a peaceful environment. This in turn will promote employee productivity.

Walk into most workplace environments, and you will be greeted with desks full of towers of paperwork and documents jumbled together in piles. This often leads to decreased productivity as the workers must fumble through paperwork and can also become overwhelmed.

Potential clients who visit your office may be turned off by the chaotic mess in the office. Both of these cause you to lose money and productivity.
A Computer Video Workstation Reorganized by Professional Workspace Organizers Chaos Commandos
Our Workspace Organizing Service

Our workspace organizer can help you reclaim lost time and money. We will work with you to create a system that keeps all your documents safe yet also accessible. We help you develop a system that will ensure bills and invoices are paid in a timely matter, important business correspondence does not get lost but gets the attention it deserves.
A Computer Video Workstation Reorganized by Chaos Commandos
  • We will fully set up an organizational system for your entire office and help train employees on proper usage.

  • This will instantly clean off desktops and allow employees to focus on what really matters.

  • We can organize any medical office or lab workspace.

  • This will lift the stress off your employee’s shoulders. It will also present an office that runs efficiently and cleanly, something potential clients love to see. We make your workspace work for you.
Professional Workspace Designers

If you have 500 square feet of office space or 5,000 square feet of office space, two employees or 1,000 employees; our workspace organizing service has experience with it all. We understand that the physical layout of an office is incredibly important to workplace flow efficiency.
A Medical Office Reorganized for Efficiency
Desks, filing cabinets, fax machines, printers, storage and meeting areas all need to be placed in organized areas. They all need to be easily accessible.

Too often employees may waste time walking to printers or conferring with another employee. Under tight deadlines, this can make employees feel hassled and stressed.

Our professional designers offer free consultations for your office workspace. We will sit down with you to understand what makes your company tick and how co-workers interact during the day.

We can group desks together in teams, allowing co-workers to efficiently work with each other.
A Copier and Printing Station Organized by Workspace Designers
A Copier and Printing Station Organized
We can zone areas for printers and faxes, allowing quick and easy access for anyone in the company. We can create gathering areas for employees to exchange ideas and stay up-to-date with the company‘s ongoings. We can organize your storage areas, allowing employees to quickly find what they need instead of digging through mounds of paperwork. The result will be a workspace that is in sync and stress-free.

Home Office Workstations

Have a home office workstation? We understand that you need to be free of home life distractions. A workspace organizer can work with you to not only create an office that allows you to work efficiently and distraction free, but also co-exists with your home.
We can design and build storage solutions that allow you to keep everything you need in your office, instead of strewed across the house.

We can also help you set up all technology you need; printers, faxes, computers and phones will all be right at your fingertips in one spot.

We will consider your home’s aesthetics and incorporate it into your office. After all, even when you’re not working, guests will still see your office when visiting your home.
Digital Organizational Solutions

In today’s business world, most everything is digital. Everything you need to run your business can be done from your mobile phone. Emails, appointments, proposals, inventory and printing can all be done with a few clicks on your phone. Our professional workspace designers are knowledgeable of every aspect of today’s technology. We can work with you to help set up digital storage solutions to allow you to conduct business, wherever you are.
An Organized Home Office Workstation
An Organized Home Office Workstation by a Workspace Organizing Service
  • Our workspace organizer won’t just set up your workspace to efficiently run digitally, we will stay with you every step of the way.

  • We will not only make sure that your business changes over to technology smoothly, we can also help train you and your employees to effectively use the technology.

  • Let us show you how you can save time and money by using today’s technology.
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Our workspace organizing service has had over 12 years of experience in the New York City metropolitan area, with hundreds of satisfied clients. We have helped small and large businesses run efficiently and smoothly with our experience and trained eyes. We work with dental offices, retail space, warehouses, architectural firms, law offices, shipping and home solopreneurs. We have helped party planners, fashion designers and film editors work efficiently at home and on the go.

Let us help you run your office instead of your office running you. Let us show you how you can control your success and live stress-free. Our workspace organizing service offers free consultations, and we are ready to listen to you. We can work with your schedule and your budget. We understand that you have a vision for your workspace, and our professional workspace designers will make that a reality for you. Our philosophy is that when you have control of your workspace, you have control over your life.

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