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It is very rare that I ever meet a new client, and they don't have questions for me regarding organizing tips for their home or business. These questions are rarely related to the work I am doing for them.

They just seem to pop up. The funny thing is, for me anyway, the answers come to me almost immediately, no matter how rare or odd the question might be. It's like the answers just fall from the sky and pop into my head.

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Organizational Tips
I always say: "I should write a book," but I thought it would be fun to jot a few of these down and post them on my website. Maybe it's a question you can benefit from too. I hope you do.

-Robert Mizrahi

  • How to Organize Your Apps - No matter what smartphone you have, here are some great tips to help you organize your apps and deal with those overcrowded screen.

  • How to Organize a Backyard BBQ Party - A backyard BBQ party can be any size, from a large bash with a crowd to a small, intimate setting with family or friends. Follow these simple organizing tips to keep from becoming overwhelmed and ensure your event is a memorable one. 

  • How To Organize A Pocketbook - As larger handbags are trending, the need for more organization is imperative. Overstuffed bags make things harder to find and hold up lines, which can be stressful. Not to mention, The American Chiropractic Association warns that carrying a bag that is too heavy can cause pain in your back, shoulders and neck. To lessen your load and make items easier to find, let's organize your pocketbook!

  • How to Organize a Business Seminar - Business isn't strictly about daily transactions, it also encompasses any other necessary programs, such as training, presentations, and seminars. The secret to success of a business seminar simply takes some good planning and organization.

  • How to Organize a Mudroom - For a busy family, the mudroom in your home may end up being the catch-all room where everyone just drops their coats, boots and gear on the way in the door. You can have an organized space where everything has a place, everyone can find their gear, and you can save your sanity.

  • How to Organize Your Refrigerator for Food Preservation - There is a reason why refrigerators are designed with different compartments and various temperature zones. Storing food incorrectly can ruin your food, leading to spoilage, waste, and even unhealthy contamination. Learn how to optimize your refrigerator.

  • How to Organize Your Email Inbox - Everyone has been in the situation where they'e lost an important email or email attachment. Follow these great tips, from my own experience, and you'll never lose one again.

  • How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets - Your kitchen cabinets may need a lot of help. Right now, it may look like you have more dishes and cups than what your cabinets can handle. If you open a door in your kitchen and everything comes cascading out across your countertops, you need some help with organization. It's easier than you think and it doesn't have to cost you a lot of money.
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