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“Chaos Commandos helped organize our office, clearing space and finding a home for everything.

They made an onerous task seem almost fun, and the results were spectacular!”

J. O'Meara
Apple Learning Center
Westport, CT
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Home Organizing Service for Hobbies and Crafts
Hobby Crafts and Tools Organized for a Client by Chaos Commandos
Business Organizing Service for Manual Records
Organizer Services after a Family Member Passes Away
Garage Organization After the Passing of a Family Member
Manual Records Organized for a Business
At Chaos Commandos, we don't limit ourselves to just designing closets or organizing kitchens. We have experience in organizing any aspect of life, both in homes and in offices. Our organizing services can help with anything, from over-filled storage sheds in your yard to organizing the inventory warehouse at your company.

We believe, that when every part of your life is organized, you feel stress-free and focused on what truly matters in your life. Let us show you how our organizing services can get your life back on track.

Home Organizing

The overfilled yard storage shed, we all probably have one. It's the storage shed that holds everything from our tools to the first pair of shoes our child has worn. Since it is not a physical part of your house, it can be easy to overlook it and ignore the piles of unorganized items in there. Yet you know it's there and it haunts you each time you look at it. We understand that it can be hard to tackle it alone.

Like our garage organizing service, we will inventory everything in the shed, together we can help trim down the excess. We will build shelves and maximize every area of space. We can show you how to keep your storage shed clutter-free and accessible.
Home Organization for a Family Member that Passes Away

When a family member passes away, it can be a difficult time for everyone involved. The emotions of losing someone close can physically drain you and the thought of arrangements can overwhelm you. Our home organizing service can take some of the weight off your shoulders. Like our divorce mediation service, we can inventory every item in the loved one's home, and list it all on a private web-site.

This allows family members to choose any items they may want to keep in remembrance. We can organize sales of the items and help with our moving service, if you need it. Let our organizer services help you through this part of life, smoothly and peacefully.

Hobby and Crafts Organization

Are you a knitter? Do you like to sew projects? Build model cars and airplanes? Collect vinyl records? Hobbies are a wonderful way to unwind and de-stress after a long day at work. Yet many hobbies come with large amount of equipment and goods.
Let our home organizing help you create an area of your home that is soothing and inviting, without clutter. We can work with you to design drawers, cabinets and racks made just for you. You can proudly show off your hobby area to guests, instead of having to close the door due to embarrassment.

Kids and their toys can quickly overtake a house. Not only is it unpleasant to step on a toy in the middle of the night, tears are often shed when they can't find their favorite toy.
Our home organizer services are a hit with kids. One of our trained organizers will sit down with both the kids and parents, coming up with a design plan that everyone is happy with. We build organizational systems with small kids' hands in mind, easy for them to access and even easier for them to stay organized. We will build a system that is playful and creative, make it fun for kids to keep their toys organized and help you have a clutter-free home.

Business Organizing

A storage unit full of inventory can either become a money saver or drain money from your company. If your storage is cluttered and unorganized, it can cause lost time. The lost time spent by employees in trying to find the proper inventory will cause your company to lose money. Unorganized storage can also cause stress among your employees, especially when deadlines are tight. Our organizer services can help your company get on track, quickly. We offer free consultations and will walk with you through your storage space, and will work to understand what kind of rotation and system you need.
No space is too large or small for us to work with. We will set up a system to help you control your inventory smoothly. Your employees will be able to find everything quickly and we can also train employees on how to properly use the system.

We can also integrate technology to help you control inventory costs. Items can be scanned, allowing you to see from your computer or phone what your current levels of inventory are. No more lost time and lost inventory, a stress-free workplace.
We can cut down the paper chase. If you company relies heavily on printers, the printing area can quickly become a chaotic mess. With multiple employees using the same printer, papers can become a jumbled stack. If an employee is under a tight deadline and cannot quickly find their printed paperwork, they may re-print the paperwork and waste ink and time.

Working with our data file storage technology, our organizing services can organize and track your company files. Around the office we can outfit printers with multiple trays allowing employees to have their own tray. We can outfit storage units on the wall, allowing employees to neatly place paperwork into inboxes that belong to someone else.

We can help you locate professional recyclers who will protect your company's privacy with shredding service and pick up your recycled paper bin weekly. Our business organizing service will help you cut down the time employees spend chasing paperwork and keep your printing area running smoothly and cleanly.

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Our business organizing services can help you create a break area that is not only clutter-free but creates a calm, relaxing area for employees. We can outfit drawers to fit plates and forks, for those last minute meetings. We can create cabinets to outfit employee's personal items, hidden out of sight but still easily accessible.

We can create floor plans that allows for an easy flow of tables, chairs and couches. Allowing employees to interact over coffee or spend a quiet lunch reading a book. We can create pantries that allow employees to store their personal food items in their designated areas, allowing everyone to respect others’ personal spaces.

The posibilities of organizing abilities are endless! Contact us today!
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